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Rawstone Hire Are Pleased To be Able To Offer Customers, Competitively Priced Hire Insurance Cover.


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Kubota 3.Ton Mini Excavator It is standard contractual practice throughout the entire hire industry for the hirer to be responsible for the equipment hired. This responsibility is not just for the entire duration it is on hire, but also after it has been off-hired awaiting collection. This responsibility extends to all site damage other than what is considered to be "Fair wear and Tear". As such we strongly advise all customers to consider the risks when hiring particularly the larger, more expensive equipment. Using an example of a 3Ton Mini Excavator and a 3Ton Dumper, the financial risk if these were stolen would be anything up to £46000. We respectfully ask customers to consider the question of whether they are comfortable with the situation of being fully liable for these sums in the unluckily event of the equipment being stolen from site. In addition to the cost of the equipment, the hirer would also be contractually liable for 2/3 lost hire charges until settlement has been received in full.

3 Ton DumperMany hirers naturally assume that their buildings and contents insurance will cover any potential theft from their property. Alternatively other retail hirers work on the basis that "Equipment Theft" only happens to other people. From past bitter experiences, we should like to mention that the customers who hired the following equipment thought along the same lines

6" DIESEL TRACKED HEAVY DUTY CHIPPERFor complete piece of mind, Rawstone Hire is now able to offer Hireguard insurance for a small additional sum. This insurance is arranged though HAE Insurance Services and is provided by Zurich Insurance. The insurance cover is aimed at the larger equipment and covers theft and major damage. The cost of this Insurance cover is 15% of the equipment hire rate and is not subject to the normal 20% VAT. There are a few terms and conditions and a minimum excess charge of £500.00 per claim.

120CM TWIN DRUM RIDE ON VIBRATING ROLLERRawstone Hire are pleased to offer the option of reducing the £500 deductible excess to just £100 by way of our "excess contribution facility". For a small consideration of just £5.00 per day, or a maximum of £25 per hire, Rawstone Hire will pay £400 toward your excess in the event of a claim. Most of the changes to Plant Insurance have been down to our insurers.

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